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What Our Tenants Say

I have always found Katrina Green highly professional, easy going and friendly, consistently approaches her job with a positive outlook while giving a great service.
– A happy tenant (Shirley)

“We got the news we were waiting for, we were so ecstatic to be moving to New Zealand! Then came the challenge of finding out where we were going to live when we arrived! We are traveling with 3 kids all under 8 and we had to consider schools, area, house etc. I wanted to secure a place to rent before we arrived, to get the kids settled faster!I contacted Katrina and explained our circumstances and ask if it was unusual to rent without actually seeing the property and from a different country! (it is lets face it). But she took this assignment on and did us proud!
There is one statement that sums up Katrina – “She goes way beyond the call of duty”.  Katrina, is extremely knowledgeable on the areas/homes she represents, she is educated and appreciates the need of her clients and goes beyond their expectation to meet them.  She responds to emails and any questions or concerns you may have, she gets the info to you fast!
To cut a long story short – we rented our first house in New Zealand, close to a great school, fab area, and close to my husbands new office. Katrina made this possible while we were still in Canada! She even made it easy to secure the new house, with a means to send the deposit to secure it!
Highly recommend her, she is trustworthy, knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and understands the needs of her clients and goes beyond to meet them. Coming from a country where we have ‘over the top’ customer service, I wondered how New Zealand would fair but she is better than anyone we have experienced here in 17 years of living here!! “
– The Simon Family