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By Katrina Green

With all of the recent legislation changes that have come into effect I thought it is timely to host another landlord education seminar.

The Residential Tenancies Amendments Act 2020 is to say the least confusing and even after 15 years working in the property management industry I must admit it is hard work to keep on top of and ensure all of those very important boxes are ticked.

Combine this with the tax changes and bright-line test rule changes and it is no wonder there are a number of landlords out there deciding that it is all too much and it is time to bail out.

This of course saddens me as I am extremely passionate about investment property ownership, as not only will it assist of lot of Kiwis in achieving a comfortable retirement, but it also helps ensure that we can keep our many wonderful tenants in quality affordable homes.

Ray White Morris & Co Property Management have three offices we work out of, and so will be hosting this event in three locations, beginning with the first on Saturday 26th June from 10am – 11.30am in our Papanui office, in Winston Avenue.

We will also be holding this event in Sumner on Thursday 1st July from 5.30 – 7pm, and in Kaiapoi (to encompass our North Canterbury offices) on Saturday 3rd July 10am – 11.30am.

We will cover all of the new legislation, as well as a small amount around the deadlines for Healthy Homes, and of course the all important financial side with a guest accountant.  Not only will you leave feeling well educated but we will also arm you with some resources to refer back to as you navigate this new legislation.

The content of these events will be the same at each event so if you cannot make one then you can register to attend one of the others instead.

We would love you to join us all you have to do is register  via email at morrispm.nz@raywhite.com or phone 03 331 6755.

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