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Choosing a Property Manager

By Victoria Norrie

The importance of ensuring Property Managers have the knowledge and experience to provide exceptional service to both their landlords and tenants is of course one of the most important considerations when making your choice.

During recent years the increased complexity of tenancy legislation has made it equally important that they can keep on top of all of the changes and they have robust systems and processes in place to ensure potentially costly errors are not made.

Part of my role is assisting our Morris & Co sales team in anything related to tenancies and the Residential Tenancies Act. I am often privy to communication which is sent out via other property management companies and unfortunately I too often see either a complete lack of communication or completely incorrect information/notices being given to tenants and landlords.

Being heavily entrenched in the industry, I am part of several different property management Facebook groups, am supported by our corporate team and of course lap up anything to do with rental properties so I am pretty up to date with what is going on out there.
Luckily my role as Operations Manager does allow me time to read and digest all of the information and pass it onto my team who are on the tools, as having to go it alone would be almost impossible with the seemingly never-ending legislation changes.

As I mentioned however, it is equally important that there are lots of systems and processes in place to ensure that everything is correct, as after all we are all humans and sometimes errors can occur. Of course if you ask my team they will tell you how much I love a good checklist too!

So whether you are using a Property Manager or self managing your own rental property, please ensure that when you are issuing any notices that you are doing so according to the RTA and in particular the 2020 amendments which came into effect in February last year. The consequences of getting it wrong could be costly!

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