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  • How do I view a property that I am interested in?
    Every property listing under Available Rentals includes contact details for the Property Manager.  Most listings will have a link to viewing tracker – accessing this is the best way to register your interest and to find out when the next viewing time is scheduled.  It is common for the property to be shown in an ‘open home’ style, with more than one prospective tenant viewing the property at a time.  Please be aware that viewing times are scheduled based on the availability of the property manager and the available access to the property.  A property will be shown at the scheduled viewing, and any applications following from that viewing will be processed prior to another viewing being scheduled.
  • Applications
    In order to be considered for a property, you must first have viewed the property in person (see above), then fill in and submit one of our application for tenancy forms (available on this site under the tenant tab).
    The application process now involves several steps, if you are a preferred applicant you will receive a notification advising this with instructions on how to complete the next steps.
  • Reference Checks
    If you are directed to complete stage two of the application you will then give us permission to complete further checks including reference, credit and background checks.
  • Selection
    The final selection of tenant is done in consultation with the property owner and is based entirely upon merit.  In order to make this merit judgement, we review the information gained from the application form, references obtained and the credit checks and apply it to a variety of criterion of which the ability to pay rent regularly and on time and the ability to look after and care for the property are paramount.
    We should make it clear that we will not accept any instruction from homeowners that may contravene the Human Rights Act or any other enactment that could compromise the health, safety or well-being of future tenants.
  • How much do I pay to move into a property?
    Usually around 5 weeks rent which is made up of:
    – The first weeks’ rent
    – Four weeks’ rent paid as bond
  • Do I need to pay GST on rent?
  • Do I need insurance?
    Yes you will need to take out personal contents and liability insurance as the landlords’ insurance will not cover your possessions.
  • What does Ray White do if I do not pay my rent?
    We have a zero tolerance for rent arrears.  If you are 1 day in arrears we will contact you informing you that a payment has been missed and you will receive a 14 day breach of tenancy letter.  If no payment is received by day 3 we will again contact you.  If by day 7 you have still failed to pay the missed payment, an application to the tenancy tribunal is made.  Rental payments are required to be paid in advance.
    Ray White Morris & Co Property Management has the right to make an application to Tenancy Services at the same time the 14 day notice is sent to you and a mediation or hearing will be scheduled through Tenancy Services for you and the landlord (your property manager) to have their case heard.  This will result in either owed rent to be paid and/or the tenancy terminated.
  • What do I do if something on the property needs repairing?
    Please advise your property manager – via Tapi (using the Maintenance Request tab on our website).  A contractor will be organised and you will be contacted to arrange a suitable time for them to come around and do the work needed, or they will pick up a key from our office if that has been arranged between you and your property manager.  If it is an urgent maintenance request please phone us on 03 331 6755.
  • How often can my rent be increased?
    Under the Residential Tenancies Act your rent cannot be increased more than once every 12 months, and the landlord must give the tenant 60 days written notice of this increase.
  • How often can the landlord inspect the property?
    Under the Residential Tenancies Act a landlord is not permitted to inspect the property more frequently than four weekly however, as a rule, we recommend at least 4 inspections a year.  The landlord must give 48 hours notice of any inspection.  Inspections can only be carried out between 8am and 7pm.
  • How often will you inspect the property I am renting?
    Most properties we manage are inspected every 3 months – however we will conduct the first inspection one month after you have moved in.  If the owner wants more or fewer inspections that is their choice.  A comprehensive report, including any maintenance issues, is sent to the owner after each inspection – including photos.
  • What happens if the owner decides to sell the property?
    In the first instance you will be contacted by your property manager to discuss this with you, in most cases where possible over the phone.  They will discuss the notice periods required, and this will depend on whether your tenancy is a fixed term or a periodic tenancy.  In most cases where vacant possession will be required you will be given 90 days notice.
  • How much notice do I have to give if I want to move?
    28 days written notice is required for a periodic tenancy.  You are bound by the Residential Tenancies Act to pay rent up until this date – the only exception being if the property can be re-tenanted beforehand.  The landlord cannot double charge rent on a property.  If you are on a fixed term tenancy with a finite end date then you will need to discuss with your property manager how you can end your tenancy.  In many cases you will be liable for rent up until a new tenant is found for the property. It is important that before you arrange to move out that you speak with your property manager first and they will talk you through the process depending on your tenancy tenure type.
  • How do I give the keys back when I leave?
    Return them to our office on the day you vacate.  If this is not a weekday, please contact your property manager to make alternate arrangements.  Unless needed prior, the property manager may ask for them to be dropped into the office on the next working day.
  • How do I get the bond back?
    After keys are returned, your property manager will carry out the final bond inspection.  The property manager will then arrange the release of your bond unless there has been damage to the property or your account (including rent, water and any other outstanding accounts) is not up to date.  In those cases, they will claim either all or part of the bond for the owner.

**Please note that this information was correct at the time of writing, however as the Residential Tenancies Act does change regularly, please ensure you check directly with your property manager for confirmation on any of this information.