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Service Guarantee

Our Guarantee to you
We know how important communication is and providing you peace of mind during the management of your property.  We understand you are placing a large investment in our hands.  Our ability to communicate with you is something we stand for – you might say it’s in our DNA.
We’ve therefore developed the following minimum communication plan taking into consideration best practice and our legislation.  While these are our minimum standards, please take the opportunity to tell us what you need, and the way you need it.

Property Health Check
Each time we visit the property we will report back to you on any improvements and maintenance required, and also suggest upcoming work that will be required to keep the property well maintained.
➤ At routine, initial and final inspections.

Rent Review
To ensure the rent on the property stays within market values we will review your rent regularly and advise you if we believe it requires any changes.
➤ Every lease renewal
➤ Annually

Lease Renewal
As we approach the expiry date of a lease we will contact you for instructions, and communicate with you on the tenants plans.
➤ A minimum of 30 days prior to the expiry date

Routine Inspections
As per insurance requirements we will conduct a routine inspection at your property a minimum of  4 times per annum.
➤ Report and photos sent to you within 7 days of completion
➤ Regular updates of maintenance/issues identified

New Tenancy
We will keep you up to date with what is happening if you have a vacant property and speak to you about any potential applications before approving the tenant.
➤ Contact you with details of any applications
➤ Confirm once tenant is secured, providing details of tenancy terms
➤ Confirmation tenant has moved in
➤ Copy of tenancy details within 7 days
➤ Copy of initial inspection report within 7 days

Vacating Tenants
We will let you know immediately when a tenant gives notice to vacate.
➤ Immediate notification of date they are leaving
➤ Report on final bond inspection, final rent payments etc within 24 hours of their departure

During Vacancy
We will keep you up to date on what is happening with enquiry on your property.
➤ Weekly report
➤ Update after each tenant inspection with feedback
➤ Market/competition updates

Underpinned by our return contact guarantee – (call/email/SMS) within 6 business hours.

So What Happens If We Fail To Provide This Service?
We are so confident that we will fulfill this guarantee that we are backing it with the promise that if you are not satisfied we have met this guarantee, we will refund you one months management fees. *Conditions apply.